Friday, July 20, 2012

He Says

He told me,
“You could never be a wife,
let alone a mother.
What do you know?
I mean, look at how selfish you are.

“You don’t even wash your own clothes.
You need to know how to take care of yourself
take care of others…
you’ve never even had a father.
Wives talk
to their fathers
for advice, for support.
Anytime they don’t know what to do
that’s where good women go
to their fathers
for their wisdom.

“Your family doesn’t even have any men
and they never will.

“You don’t even know how to cook
now, you want to be a mother?
Sure, they say
some women
learn from cookbooks and
figure it out.
But those are the exceptions
and you are not.

“You’ve never
pure, unconditional love.
Mothers and wives have good families
families that are whole.
You don’t even have that.
You’ve never seen a wife and a husband,
a father and a mother,
so that you could
hear it,
feel it,
mimic it,
know it, by heart.

“They know what love is:
hard work.
Most women just know stuff like that.
They can heal a man’s pain with their love.
You don’t know about love,

“Look at your friends,
they’re married.

“That life
Is passing you by.
You’re busy
changing the world.
You don’t know what its going to take.

“No sweetie.
No man will ever stay with you
unless you change.
So put that dream down
and change the channel for me,
it’s time for Californication.”

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